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Is a body training, where most of all deep-lying small and often weak muscular groups are attended, because they are responsible for the correct and healthy body pose. This training includes power exercise, stretching and conscious breathing as well as reinforcement of the body center.


The deep muscular system will be enforced, it gives you balance, stability, endourance and coordination. The Flexibar will be brought actively to vibration and at the same time passively the deep muscular system will be enforced, because the body reacts on the vibrations. A certain number of vibrations per minute not only cause a power endourance training, but also enhance the metabolic system and the heart frequency. Back problems will be fought at the same time.

Progressive muscle relaxation

This well-known relaxation technique will reduce and prevent stress and tensions. The principal of the progressive muscle relaxation is quite simple. Various muscles are being tensed and after a short while released. Through this contrast you will note the incoming relaxation.

Back Fit

Strengthening, mobilization and stretching for the back muscular and the entire trunk.


Fitness in the water, support of the muscle power and endourance, joint-release, massage impact for the skin and conjunctive tissue, positive influence on the organs.

Autogenic Training

A relaxation technique where you will find yourself after a short period of time at total peace and in a very tranquil mode.

Tummy, Legs and Butt

Fitness program for the entire body.

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